Impression Instructions

Impression Instructions

How to take great dental impressions at home


You’ve purchased Dazzle Direct and have decided to take your smile to the next level. The first step is creating your dental impressions at home using our impression kit. Don’t worry, it’s very easy, anyone can do it. Follow this guide, and you will be on your way to making a great first impression. ;)


Why are high-quality impressions important? 

Dazzle Direct’s custom whitening trays work by ensuring the whitening gel stays in place, evenly surrounds the entire surface of your teeth, and keeps the gel away from your gums. In order to do this, your custom whitening trays must fit snugly around your teeth. Your impressions are used to create a 3D model of your smile, which means they must accurately capture both your teeth and gum line. Since everyone's smile is unique, you shouldn't use one-size-fits-all whitening strips or non-custom trays if you want a truly effective teeth whitening product. 

Let’s get started!

Before getting started:

  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Wash your hands

What you’ll need:

  • A timer (You can use your smartphone)
  • A towel


Step 1: Mix the putty.

  • Remove 1 container of white putty, and 1 container of blue putty. 
  • Mix the two together until the putty is one solid color. This takes less than 20 seconds. The mixed putty shouldn’t have any swirls or streaks of the original colors. If you don’t mix it thoroughly, your impressions may not accurately capture your teeth or gum line. 


Tips for mixing the putty:

Mix the putty is by folding the putty over and over again, instead of rolling it together which may be tempting. But save the rolling for the next step! 

Important: You only have 1 minute to complete steps 1-3. The putty will start to set after 1 minute. If the putty sets before step 4, it will be too firm to capture an accurate impression. 


Step 2: Roll the putty. 

Once you begin mixing the putty together, it will begin to set in 60 seconds. So be sure to mix the putty, roll it into a cylinder, and place in the impression tray within 60 seconds. 

Roll the mixed putty in your hands to create a uniform cylinder about 4 inches long. This also should take no longer than 20 seconds.  

Step 3: Place putty in impression tray. 

After you have rolled the mixed putty into a cylinder, place the putty in your impression tray.

Step 4: Take your impression!

Okay, you’re almost done! This is the most important step, this is the fun part, this is what you’re here for. This is also where you might look a little silly! So make sure to take plenty of pictures and tag us in your Instagram pics! :)

Place the tray in your mouth, and use your fingers to press the tray onto your upper teeth. Stop once your teeth lightly hit the tray. Be sure to press the tray both in the back and the front so you take an even impression. Pull your lip over the impression tray (it will be much more comfortable that way), and hold the tray in place for 2 full minutes to allow the putty to fully set. 

If you think back to the beginning of this article, we need an accurate impression of your gum line along with your teeth. To ensure you fully capture your gum line, press the tray onto your teeth while simultaneously gently biting into the putty until your teeth touch the bottom of the tray. You will feel the putty push out of the tray, enveloping your teeth and reaching up to your gums. 

Pro-tip: For your bottom impressions, it helps to touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue while taking the impression. 

Once the impression tray is seated and your teeth are in light contact with the tray, do not move, adjust, wiggle, check, or bite until 2 full minutes have passed. Use your thumbs to gently hold the top tray in place. And when the time comes to take your bottom impressions, use your pointer fingers to gently press down on the back of the tray. 


Step 5: After 2 minutes have passed, remove the impression tray. 

Use the tab on the front of the tray to gently remove your impressions. Inspect your impressions, and compare with our examples. If you feel like you might have done something wrong, just reach out to us and we would be happy to take a look! But, if you followed these steps you should be totally fine. 

Without removing the putty from the tray, place your completed impression back in the box they came in. 


Step 6: Repeat for your bottom impressions.

Just repeat steps 1-5 for your bottom teeth! 


Step 7: Send your impressions back to us so we can make your custom trays!

Nice job! You did great! (probably). Simply put your completed impressions back in the box, seal the box with the included sticker, and place the return label directly on top of the original shipping label. Don’t worry about your impressions rattling around in the box. They will be fine, we promise! You can keep the putty containers if you’d like, or you can just recycle them. :)

Drop your box in the mailbox, and you are well on your way to an impressively white smile!