Why Dazzle Direct over the competition?

Dazzle Direct custom whitening trays ensure the whitening gel stays where it is intended, on the teeth and away from the gums. Professional custom whitening trays also make sure each tooth is evenly whitened, which will make for the most effective and consistent results. 

Along with professional custom whitening trays, we only use Philips Zoom! whitening gel. It is simply the absolute best take home whitening gel on the market. It is what we provide for our patients in our dental office, and we want to give you the same quality whitening (or better) as you would get by going to the dentist. 

Some of the more popular teeth whitening products on the market use non-custom, one-size-fits-all, whitening trays. Along with a blue LED light that is claimed to speed up results and increase the effectiveness of the whitening gel. This is not exactly true… Ultraviolet light treatments that dentists provide DO speed up the whitening process. But not blue LED lights, that is unfortunately just a gimmick.

Furthermore, the actual whitening gel used by other companies pales in comparison to the Philips Zoom! gel we provide. 

How does Dazzle Direct whitening compare to whitening treatments at the dentist?

It depends on the whitening treatment your dentist provides. Most dentists use very effective whitening techniques. These treatments vary from custom trays and bleaching gel (like Dazzle Direct), to in-office treatments with more potent materials that deliver results in a shorter period of time but with more sensitivity. These treatments actually dehydrate the tooth, which gives a whiter appearance in the short term. But once the tooth rehydrates in 6-8 hours, the results will appear much less drastic. 

How many whitening treatments come with Dazzle Direct?

When you receive your whitening kit, you will get 3 tubes of whitening gel (technically they are called syringes, but that’s a scary word for some people) each containing enough gel for 7 treatments. So that’s 21 total treatments with your initial whitening kit! 

Then you will receive 21 more treatments with each delivery of your Whitening Booster. 

Can I take my impressions if I have a permanent retainer?

Absolutely! This is not a problem at all. We have many customers and patients with permanent retainers. The impression putty will not stick to, or damage, your retainer or other dental work. And the whitening gel will not have any effect on the bonding or artificial materials. 

Does the whitening gel work on fillings, crowns, or veneers?

No, whitening gel does not work on artificial tooth surfaces such as veneers or crowns. The shade of dental work like this is matched by your dentist while they are doing the work. The only way to change the shade of veneers or crowns is to have them replaced by your dentist. The whitening gel will not damage any dental work you have done.

If you are planning on getting veneers or crowns, we recommend you whiten your teeth prior to the procedure so your dentist can match the shade to your whitest possible natural teeth.

Can I use my Invisalign trays to whiten?

Not ideally, you will not see the best results if you use Invisalign trays as whitening trays because of the heavy pressure put on the teeth by the aligners. Invisalign aligners are very different from our custom whitening trays, even though they look very similar. 

Is there a charge for another impression kit if I make a mistake?

We’ll give you one extra chance on the house! If a third impression attempt is needed, then a $50 impression fee will be applied.

Do I have to apply whitening treatments every day?

There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two off in between treatments. The only negative impact of not whitening everyday is that you won’t get the results as quickly! 

Can I use Dazzle Direct if I have sensitive teeth?

People who have severely sensitive teeth (ie. can’t even take a cool drink of water or breathe in cool air) will need to use Sensodyne RAPID RELIEF toothpaste for one week prior to whitening treatment. Continued use of this toothpaste will improve the experience for people with and without sensitive teeth (and will make your teeth stronger and healthier in general!).

If necessary, take one or two days off in between whitening treatments.

I haven’t been to a dentist in a long time. Is it okay to begin Dazzle Direct treatment?

In a perfect world, you would be going to the dentist once every six months. If it has been years since you have been to the dentist and you feel that you have a significant dental health problem, then go to the dentist ASAP. 

However, if you feel that your oral hygiene is good and don’t have any obvious problems. Then feel free to take advantage of our professional whitening service without stepping foot in a dental office! (which we know you don’t like)

Does teeth whitening damage my enamel and teeth in general?

This is the most common question Dr. Lombardi receives about whitening at his office! It depends on the type of whitening material that is being used. The Philips Zoom! prescription whitening gel that is used in Dazzle Direct and by many dentists contains fluoride, Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (the biologically active natural minerals of which teeth are made), and potassium nitrate. The fluoride and the ACP supercharge the teeth with minerals and make them harder, stronger and less susceptible to decay. 

So… Dazzle Direct Professional Custom Whitening not only whitens your teeth effectively, but also makes them healthier and stronger!