Whitening Instructions

Using Your Whitening Kit


So you received your whitening kit, now what?

Okay, so you probably received your custom whitening kit if you’re reading this. And if you haven’t that’s fine too, you can still keep reading. ;) 

Having a whiter, brighter smile is super easy. And it only takes 20 minutes a day. Just follow this short guide and you will be a teeth whitening expert! Well, maybe not quite an expert… but you will definitely know how to properly use your whitening kit! 

Step 1: Brush and floss your teeth 


Making sure your teeth are sparkling clean before whitening will help the whitening gel do its job. And, ultimately, help you see results as fast as possible. If there is any plaque or debris on your teeth when you whiten, the whitening gel will need to penetrate the plaque before making its way to the tooth surface. Which could slow down results. 

So make sure your teeth are nice and clean, then you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2: Install the mixing tip on the whitening gel syringe


In the whitening gel packaging you will find mixing tips for the syringes. These are needed for you to use the whitening gel. To install a mixing tip on one of your whitening gel syringes, twist off the sealed tip that comes on the syringe. Then simply twist on the mixing tip when you are ready to use the gel

There is a rubber cap included with the mixing tip that is used to seal the syringe when you are not using it. This will prevent messes, waste, and accidentally squeezing out any gel. 

Step 3: Apply the whitening gel to your custom whitening trays


We only use the highest quality, most effective whitening gel available. So a little bit goes a very long way. You don’t need to fill the tray with gel, that will only waste most of the gel and possibly cause some sensitivity or gum irritation. 

The proper way to apply the gel to your tray is by placing a small dot of gel on the front inner surface of the tray that comes in contact with the front of your teeth. So, one dot of gel per tooth to be whitened. 

Note: Clear the mixing tip prior to each use by gently squeezing out a little bit of gel. This will ensure the gel you are putting in your trays is mixed well. 

Step 4: Start whitening!


We want to make whitening as convenient as possible. So the whitening kit you choose (our Day Kit or Night Kit) will determine how long you should leave in your whitening trays. The DayWhite gel is made for people who prefer to wear their trays for a minimal amount of time. NiteWhite is best if you don’t mind leaving your trays in for a longer period of time, or prefer whitening while sleeping.

If you choose a Day Kit, we recommend you wear your trays for about 20-30 minutes once daily. You should see optimal results within two weeks using our Day Kit!

Alternatively, if you opted for our Night Kit, we recommend two different options. You can wear your trays overnight while you sleep, if you’re comfortable with that. Or you can wear them for 2-4 hours daily. For people with sensitive teeth, we recommend you start with 2-4 hours daily. With our Night Kit, you should also see fantastic results within 2 weeks of using it!

Remember, the key to seeing truly impressive results with either of our kits is whitening consistently.

Step 5: Rinse and store your custom whitening trays


When you’re done whitening, you should rinse your trays with cold water and use your toothbrush to remove any remaining gel. It’s also a good idea to dry your trays before storing them in the case. You can use a cotton swab, or paper towels, or whatever else you think will do the trick. Just don’t apply heat! Store your trays in the tray case, and keep it in a cool, dry place. 

Tip: Don’t rinse your trays with mouthwash! The alcohol in the mouthwash will eventually dry out the tray material and could cause them to crack or become clouded instead of clean and clear! 



Step 6: Show off that beautiful smile!


Okay this step doesn’t actually involve you using your whitening kit, but this is the most important step! We want everyone to smile more. Smiling is good! It has plenty of scientifically proven benefits, and you should take advantage of them!

So share that amazing, confident smile of yours! And encourage others to smile more too! If you choose to take to Instagram to share, make sure to tag us in your posts (@dazzledirect) so we can send some love!